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    1. 深圳










      CNN EXP:

      He is a liberal centrist, pro-business and a strong supporter of the European Union. Mr Macron also stood on a pro-EU platform, in stark contrast to his opponent.

      His campaign pledges included a 120,000 reduction in public-sector jobs, a cut in public spending by €60bn, and a lowering of the unemployment rate to below 7%. He vowed to ease labour laws and give new protections to the self-employed.

      Macron’s victory strengthens France’s place as a central pillar of the European Union, and marked the third time in six months - following elections in Austria and the Netherlands - that European voters shot down far-right populists who wanted to restore borders across Europe. The election of a French president who champions European unity could also strengthen the EU’s hand in its complex divorce proceedings with Britain.

      On free trade, multilateralism, global governance and climate change France and China stand in a moment of convergence which offers a unique opportunity to take the relations between the two countries at another level.

      French President elect Emmanuel Macron reacts after he delivered a speech during his victory rally near the Louvre museum after results in the 2017 presidential election in Paris reuters

      European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker wrote on Twitter that he was "happy that the French chose a European future," while president of the European Council Donald Tusk congratulated the "French people for choosing Liberty, Equality and Fraternity over tyranny of fake news."

      US President Donald Trump also congratulated Macron, writing on Twitter: "Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on his big win today as the next President of France. I look very much forward to working with him!"

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel tweeted her congratulations, saying Mr Macron's win was a "victory for a strong united Europe".

      Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday sent a congratulatory message to French President-elect Emmanuel Macron. In his message, Xi said France was the first major Western country to have established diplomatic ties with the People's Republic of China. China-France relations, which have significant strategic importance and international influence, have been developing steadily, healthily and consistently in recent years, he said. Maintaining the steady and healthy development of the China-France relationship benefits not only the two countries and peoples, but also world peace, stability and development, he noted.

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      UK Prime Minister Theresa May said: "France is one of our closest allies and we look forward to working with the new president."